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The UPOA Board recently met and discussed several issues. Training, recruitment, membership numbers, etc. were discussed. Our biggest concern is with training. Our association was founded because of a lack of training possibilities in the UP. We know that training is our foundation. No matter what issues our members have, training is the answer. We are committed to making training a priority over the next few years. We want to provide quality training that will be available to all members. We believe that with better training, our members will benefit in many ways. More games, better games, post-season opportunities, reasonable pay, the quality of officiating, and moving up the officiating ladder will all be possible. We want to be able to tell people that there is a reason for being a member of this association. Our association has been around for three years now, and we are still learning a lot. If you have any ideas, questions, or concerns, we want to know. Either email your area representative, or submit a question via our website, uprefs.com. Please continue to check our website routinely, as we will be posting trainings, games that need officials, and other news.
As stated, training is a priority of ours. If you or someone you know would be interested in becoming a trainer in one of our sports, please let me know. We want to have "official" or "unofficial" trainers in each area, so we can reach all of members without asking members to travel for trainings or meetings. (Official trainers will travel to Lansing every other year to participate at a train the trainer event. Unofficial trainers are those people who are knowledgeable in a sport and will be able to put on trainings. Unofficial trainers will be trained by official trainers in how to train.
Thank you for your involvement and we hope you all have a successful year ahead of you.
UPOA Board





The Upper Peninsula Officials Association is the only Michigan High School Officials Association (MHSAA) local approved officials association in Michigan's Upper Peninsula sponsoring Basketball, Football, and Volleyball.  We serve members from across the entire Upper Peninsula. 



  • Maintain an organization of officials, working under the governance of the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA);
  • Create and secure cooperation and uniformity among officials;
  • Secure and maintain working relationships between officials and the schools, communities, coaches, players, and all other people associated with high school sports;
  • Encourage the growth of officiating through recruitment and training to provide higher quality officiating;
  • Promote the ethics of officiating listed by the MHSAA in the “Code for Athletic Officials”.